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Finden Sie Management Content System. Erhalten Sie mehr Ergebnisse bei Ihren Suchen! Finden Sie Management Content System. Hier nach relevanten Ergebnissen suchen Use Content Studio to Organize All of Your Assets and Keep Your Campaigns Consistent. Create Campaigns That Stand Out and Quickly Go From Concept to Publish All in One Place The Simplest Content Management System. Ever. GetSimple has everything you need, and nothing you don't. GPL Open-Source • Downloaded over 120,000 times! Undo Protection. GetSimple has the ability to perform a simple Undo on just about every action. Combined with our intuitive UI makes for a great web editing user experience. View Screenshots. Plugin System. Expand on the capabilities of. GetSimple - Schlankes CMS für einfache Websites GetSimple ist ein kostenloses, quelloffenes Content-Management-System für Web-Projekte, das auf XML basiert und seinem Namen alle Ehren macht GetSimple is a free and open source XML based, standalone, fully independent and light Content Management System. GetSimple offers an extra simple way to manage a small-business website. GetSimple saves all data to structured XML-files and therefore belongs to the group of flat-file web applications which can be run without a database

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  1. GetSimple Content Management System DESCRIPTION. GetSimple CMS is a flatfile CMS that works fast and efficient and has the best UI around, it is written in PHP
  2. If you are looking for a way to manage a small business site, GetSimple, a XML based lite Content Management System, is the simplest way to do that. It doesn't use MySQL to store the information. Instead it depends on the speed and accuracy of XML
  3. GetSimple, The Simplest Content Management System Ever GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it's best-in-class user interface, developers of the system have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage a small-business website

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Getsimple CMS is a XML supported system for content management. It's an effective platform with varied elements that the innovators have incorporated those that every websites require. Getsimple is an uncomplicated mechanism to support confined business structures GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with its best-in-class user interface, we have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage a small-business website. Links to official GetSimple CMS sites . Official Website Facebook Twitter. Features Active Directory integration Flat File CMS. GetSimple CMS is a free open source content management system written in PHP. It was first created in 2009 by Chris Cagle and was meant to be as powerful as WordPress, but easier to use

GetSimple CMS is an open source web CMS software solution that is quick to set up and easy to use. At the start of content creation, users can choose from one of many page themes and design templates. Users can then play around with page content via the WYSIWYG editor and set a website structure for all active pages CMS Easy - Content Management System von DigitalWebSolutions. Dem IT-Dienstleister für ASP-Löungen, dynamische Webseitenerstellung, Datenbankanbindung und Webseitendesig

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  1. GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it's intuitive user interface, it's loaded with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't. Perch. Perch is a really little content management system for when you (or your clients) need to edit content without the hassle of setting up a big CMS. sNews. sNews is a completely free, standards.
  2. GetSimple CMS is an open-source, flat-file content management system (CMS) with easy-to-use interface for creating great websites and blogs It has everything you need to create website for small or big projects and offers features that may not be available to other PHP based CMS, like WordPress Joomla or Drupa
  3. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of using GetSimple CMS, a free flat-file Content Management System for small websites. GetSimple CMS is a surprisingly capable lite CMS, and offers.
  4. GetSimple CMS alternatives and similar software solutions Based on the Content Management Systems (CMS) categor
  5. Content management systems (CMS) are a popular alternative to beginner-friendly website construction kits. However, familiarizing yourself with these mostly modular systems is a bit more laborious even during installation and setup. In the following Drupal website tutorial, we explain what the first steps are with the popular open source system.
  6. A CMS (Content Management System) is what lets us manage the content or information on a webpage. However, it is capable of a lot of other things than just managing the content. And, the root cause for the rapid evolution and extensibility of CMS' would definitely be - Open Source CMS initiatives. The more open source CMS' surfaced, the more extensible they became. Well, some.

Content-Management-Systeme wie Joomla, Typo3 und Drupal, aber auch Blog-Software wie WordPress sind nicht nur für die Verwaltung großer Websites interessant, auch kleinere Webauftritte lassen. Edito CMS - a professional system that enables easy content management of websites. www.edito.pl GetSimple is an open source Simple CMS that utilizes the speed and convenience of flat file XML, a best-in-class UI and the easiest learning curve of any lite Content Management System out there It stands for content management system, which offers a flexible, back-end interface for users to edit, modify, and publish content on a website. How a CMS Works. Websites are built with databases. Think of them as huge, complicated Excel sheets. However, instead of logging into the servers and trying to make changes one field at a time, groups and individuals have created content management. Suche nach Management Content System. Jetzt browsen! Vergleiche Ergebnisse. Finde Management content system bei Teom GetSimple CMS may be good for a 15 - 20 page simple site. It doesn't need a back-end database, doing all that sort of thing through use of PHP's XML capabilities. Quite a few plugins exist which extend its functionality. The available documentation is pretty good

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  1. GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it's best-in-class user interface, we have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage a small-business website
  2. A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that enables you to publish and manage content on the web in an intuitive fashion. For example, imagine that you had a text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit) that enabled you to publish articles directly to a website you own. That would be a very basic example of a CMS
  3. With an easy content management system in place, you can manage all types of unstructured information, ensure your systems all work together to provide one view and handle the entire information overload. If the right strategy, technology and process are in place, a simple CMS can improve work-related collaboration among employees scattered across different locations. When the workflow is.
  4. An advanced user management system for GetSimple CMS. This great plugin has a never-before-seen groups management feature, and the ability for an unlimited number of integrated plugins. - johnstray/gs-user

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Das easyCMS odeer easy CMS ist ein PHP basiertes Content Management System, das ganz ohne mySQL Datenbank auskommt. Seitenmanagement über Templates, mehrsprachig, und mit Newsletter- Kalender- und Shopmodulen erweiterbar. Die Alternative zu komplizierten CMS Systemen wie Typo3 oder Joomla The world's first content management system with 'click-to-define' edit zones. It's so simple, try us out for free Das easy CMS ist ein einfach zu bedienendes Content Management System zur vielfältigen Präsentation von Inhalten im World Wide Web. Basierend auf einer hierarchisch organisierten Menüstruktur lassen sich die zu präsentierenden Inhalte beliebig innerhalb dieses Systems verschieben und ganz nach persönlichem Bedarf strukturieren Ein Content-Management-System (kurz CMS, deutsch Inhaltsverwaltungssystem) ist eine Software zur gemeinschaftlichen Erstellung, Bearbeitung, Organisation und Darstellung digitaler Inhalte (Content) zumeist zur Verwendung in Webseites, aber auch in anderen Medienformen.Diese Inhalte können aus Text- und Multimedia-Dokumenten bestehen. Ein Autor mit entsprechenden Zugriffsrechten kann ein.

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The beauty of a Content Management System (CMS) is the ability to control content, functionality and even layout through an easy-to-use UI. Everyone from the smallest bloggers all the way to the largest corporations use some form of a CMS because of how they simplify site management. On the other hand, some of these systems can be real resource hogs. Weighed down with copious amounts of code. Having content available on your website can help you steadily and consistently build traffic. Content increases your chances of free traffic from search engines, it also provides consistent value to a visitor which means they're more likely to visit often. More website traffic and loyal website visitors can, in short, mean more sales

CMSimple ist ein php basiertes CMS (Content Management System), das keine Datenbank benötigt. Alle Daten werden in einem einfachen Dateisystem gespeichert. Ein CMS installieren und mit dieser einen Installation viele Internetseiten betreiben. Mit einer einzigen Installation von CMSimple können Sie eine unbegrenzte Anzahl von unabhängigen oder miteinander verbundenen Internetseiten in. Simple to use Content Management System If this is your first visit, you may have to register before you can post. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Other content management frameworks. A content management framework (CMF) is a system that facilitates the use of reusable components or customized software for managing Web content. It shares aspects of a Web application framework and a content management system (CMS). Below is a list of notable systems that claim to be CMFs Simple Content Management System is a system used to manage the content of a web site. Content management systems are deployed primarily for interactive use by a potentially large number of contributors. Content Management means web content Management. The content managed in this application includes computer files, image media, audio files, electronic documents and web content. The theme. Enterprise-Content-Management (ECM) umfasst die Strategien, Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Erfassung, Verwaltung, Speicherung, Bewahrung und Bereitstellung von Inhalten (Content) und Dokumenten zur Unterstützung organisatorischer Prozesse im Unternehmen. ECM führt strukturierte, schwach strukturierte und unstrukturierte Informationen zusammen

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TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association. Free, open source software. Websites, intranets, and online applications. From small sites to multinational corporations. Fully featured and reliable, with true scalability Ein Content Management System (CMS) ist eine Software zur Verwaltung von Inhalten. Landläufig werden vor allem Content Management Systeme zur Verwaltung bzw. zur Erstellung von Webseiten verkürzt als CMS bezeichnet, beispielsweise WordPress. Tatsächlich sind diese Systeme jedoch nur ein

为您提供与 getsimple 相关的域名和网站信息,帮助您从域名应用的角度更好的了解域名是如何被使用的,为您使用域名提供参考依据。 easy content management system. Get a smart content management system to create and manage multiple web sections and embed them into your website. Our PHP CMS script is designed to provide you with super easy content administration tools. You can upload a wide range of files and add users with certain access level to the Simple CMS script. Get a developer-friendly license and adapt the system to your specific needs easyRed :: Content Management leicht gemacht. Ein Auszug unserer Kundenliste: ADAC: mehrere Projekte; Süddeutsche Zeitung: mehrere Projekt

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  1. Ein Content-Management-System erlaubt das Erstellen, Verändern und Verwalten von Internetseiten. Hierbei erfolgt eine Unterscheidung vom Layout und den redaktionellen Inhalten. Somit können Inhalt und Layout getrennt voneinander abgeändert werden. Wie ist ein CMS aufgebaut? Ein Content-Management-System kann aus fachlicher Perspektive in drei Anwendungsmodule gegliedert werden. Im.
  2. SeedDMS is an easy-to-use cross-platform web-based document management system written in PHP and MySQL/sqlite3. It is excellent at archiving documents irrespective of their age, external authentication, a workflow for document review, access control lists, users and group management, etc, and it is 100% compatible with LetoDMS, its predecessor
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  4. Lernmanagement-Systeme wurden entwickelt, um Lehr- Lernprozesse im E-Learning zu unterstützen und Lernmaterialien sowie Nutzerdaten zu verwalten. Die webbasierten Systeme ermöglichen die Bereitstellung von Lerninhalten, die Organisation von Lernvorgängen und die Kommunikation zwischen Lernenden und Lehrenden. An vielen Hochschulen bilden sie die informations- und kommunikationstechnische.
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  6. Content Management System, CMS - Fast And Easy Website Maintenance Solution By Satu Lumottu | Submitted On March 06, 2008 Nowadays a quality website is proven to be a key tool for spreading information about a company, its services and products to a vast audience across the Globe

The 10 Top Content Management Systems (CMS) for Small Businesses in 2020. Whether you're strictly managing content or wearing multiple marketing hats, you'll need good content management system. Most content management systems tend to use databases to store their content but lately, there's been a trend of flat file CMS coming to market. With solid state drives and increased internet access speeds, database driven solutions may not always be the best choice. Today, I'm going to share with you a selection of actively developed and popular flat file CMS systems to explore. As a side. Content Management Systeme, die für diese Studie evaluiert wurden, war dieser Nachteil jedoch ausschlaggebend, die Methode des experimentellen Tests nicht anzuwenden. Da der dafür notwendige zeitliche Aufwand würde aufgrund der raschen Entwicklungszyklen unweigerlich zu einer Überalterung der Ergebnisse führen. Forschungsdesign 1 Validität misst die Gültigkeit der Forschungsresultate.

Management of all your IT systems; Fixed Fee Management and Support; All your IT Infrastructure needs; Security Services for your IT; Telephone systems for office and mobile use; Cloud Email and remote access; Data management systems; Web hosting and Design; Networking and Servers; Backup and Disaster Recovery ; Accounting Systems; Moves and Changes; Thema IT is proud to support Contact us now. Website-Verwaltung mit einem Content Management System. Die Verwendung eines Content Manangement Systems (CMS) bringt für jeden Internet-Auftritt viele Vorteile mit sich, da hier die Inhalte getrennt vom Design und der Struktur der Website bearbeitet und gespeichert werden. Die Software passt die Inhalte immer wieder dem Layout an. Somit arrangieren sich Texte, Bilder und Dateien von allein.

CMS - Content Management System . CMS ist die im Web übliche Abkürzung für Content Management System.Gemeint ist damit eine Anwendung (Software), die hilft, digital vorliegende Inhalte wie einzelne Webdokumente, Bilder, Videos und andere in einem digitalen Format vorliegende Dokumente zu verwalten Content Management System. SuperSign CMS. An industry definitive, software-based content management solution. All-in-one solution for editing, scheduling, and distribution. Suitable for large-scale displays operation . Seamless management of different content for different displays. Learn More. Control & Monitoring. SuperSign Control & Control+. Remote control and monitoring software solution. The elements of a document management system. An effective document management solution specifies the following: What kinds of documents and other content can be created in an organization. What template to use for each kind of document. What metadata to provide for each kind of document. Where to store a document at each stage of its life cycle. How to control access to a document at each. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'System' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache

Kontakt: Úklidové služby Quick úklid Jitka Pechová Táborská 3 326 00 PLZEŇ tel.: 734 508 468 mail: info@quickuklid.czinfo@quickuklid.c Hier finden Sie Weiterbildungen, die Ihren Suchbegriff Content Management Systeme (CMS) in Berlin enthalten. Klicken Sie auf die unten aufgeführten Suchergebnisse, um mehr zu erfahren. Auf den folgenden Detailseiten haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den jeweiligen Bildungsanbieter zu kontaktieren Suche nach Management Content System. Jetzt browsen! Suche nach Management Content System bei Teom

A CMS platform (content management system platform) is a piece of software that allows you to easily manage content and create a website. Normally, web pages are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. If you were to build a website without a CMS platform, then you would need to learn these languages and write a lot of code. CMS platforms solve this problem by allowing you. Content Management - die bekanntesten Systeme im Überblick Bei handgemachten Websites können bereits kleine Änderungen zu Problemen führen und die ganze Website ruinieren. Deshalb muss jeder, der die Inhalte aktualisieren möchte, zumindest über Grundkenntnisse in HTML und CSS verfügen EasyEdit is exactly what I need to work with my website, It's easy, quick and I don't need to know code or technical jargon. EasyEdit is an easy to use Content Management System that can be installed on any website Schema design of simple content management system. Schema and tables itself speak about the type of information indented to be stored by the system. Schema Diagram: MySQL Create Script phpMyAdmin dump:-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump -- version -- http.

Content Management System -- Update at Any Time YOU Want. Our Content Management System (CMS) fits seamlessly into your mobile friendly design. It allows you to change the text and images 24-7 at your convenience. It is created in a way to ensure you are not able to alter your site in a way that would cause it to malfunction. You do not have to fear while updating that you will causing damage. Content Management Workflow Designing content template Creating content blocks Positioning content blocks on the document Authoring content providers Enterprise CMS. Instantly make your websites editable, just connect Selector to your server and it would do the rest. Great for HTML file based websites Content-Management-Systeme (CMS) ermöglichen es den Nutzern ohne oder mit wenig Programmier- bzw. HTML-Kenntnissen Internetseiten mit geringem Aufwand zu erstellen und diese mit den Inhalten zu füllen. Solche Inhalte können aus Text- und Multimedia-Dokumenten bestehen. Je nach Verwendungszweck und Anwendungsgebiet stehen unterschiedliche CMS zur Verfügung. WordPress WordPress ist ein am. Content Management System Login here or Request an Account . Recover. Go to the page Register your new account here

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Enterprise Content Management Systeme haben folgende Funktionen: Sie erfassen strukturierte, schwach strukturierte und unstrukturierte Informationen (Capture). Sie verwalten und verarbeiten diese Informationen (Manage). Sie speichern die Information (Store). Sie archivieren die Informationen (Preserve). Sie stellen die Informationen zur Verfügung (Deliver). Capture (Erfassung) Hier werden. d.3 ist eine integrale Lösung für digitale Geschäftsprozessoptimierung und Enterprise Content Management. Es ermöglicht die Verfügbarkeit aller geschäftsrelevanten Dokumente und Informationen eines Unternehmens zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort und unabhängig von Datenformaten oder von den erzeugenden Anwendungssystemen. Unabhängig vom ERP- und CRM-System lässt sich d.3 in bestehende. BiblioteQ is a simple and easy to use freeware which is used as a library management software. This freeware can be used to manage book, DVD, journal, magazine, music CD, photograph collection, and video games.Here you can add, duplicate, modify, and delete selected items from the menu. While creating a journal, you can add ISBN, ISSN, volume, issue number, LC control number, call number.

Content Manager is a software tool that allows you to manage the contents of your Becker PND, create backups and load map data as well as software updates onto your system. Expand your device with additional maps or exciting extras. One of the advantages of using this piece of software is the fact that it comes with the possibility to perform backups, before running any other operation on it. Easy Software: Neue Produktlinie Easy Enterprise mit leistungsfähigerem Server-Architektur für DMS und Archivierung, Anwendungsintegration und Web-Client. Umfassendes Administrationskonzept und Benutzerverwaltung, umfangreiche Möglichkeiten für die Integration mit Groupware und Web-Content-Management. Elo Digital Office: viele Funktionen zur Dokumentenbearbeitung und -archivierung lassen.

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Cushy CMS is a hosted and free content management system that's lightweight, though powerful enough to jumpstart your site in a jiffy. — Six Revisions Cushy CMS is an excellent option. With Cushy CMS you can easily give clients the access and ability to change content of a specific number of pages without everything else that they won't need Simple Publisher is a simple publishing tool designed to help you organize and update the content of your website. Simple Publisher is the back-office counterpart to. A quality management system (QMS) is defined as a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. A QMS helps coordinate and direct an organization's activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. ISO 9001:2015, the international standard.

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Top 10 der DMS-Anbieter. Foto: RAAD Research. Tatsächlich konnte sich SAP in dieser Befragung, an der 368 IT- beziehungsweise DMS-Verantwortlichen teilgenommen haben, mit 16 Prozent an die Spitze des Herstellerrankings setzen.Damit positioniert sich das Softwareunternehmen knapp vor den DMS-Spezialisten wie OpenText/Ixos (14 Prozent), Easy Software (13 Prozent) und IBM-Filenet (zehn Prozent) Light, Simple, Flexible Content Management System. Closemore.gleez.org: visit the most interesting Closemore Gleez pages, well-liked by users from your country and all over the world, or check the rest of closemore.gleez.org data below. Closemore.gleez.org is a web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. We found that English is the preferred language on Closemore Gleez pages.

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  1. ar­management-Software für Unternehmen und Bildungseinrichtungen Nutzen Sie die umfassende Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten für Ihre Veranstaltungs­organisation: Ob mehrwöchiges Se
  2. a simple way to approve a month-worth of Facebook content. Kontentino helps you manage social media with ease and send everything for clients' approval in a couple of clicks. Social media workflow made easy with Kontentino
  3. Download LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS for free. smart and open source document management system. LogicalDOC is both document management and collaboration system. The software is loaded with many functions and allows organizing, index, retrieving, controlling and distributing important business documents securely and safely for any organization and individual
  4. OpenLab ECM is data management software that stores and archives your data from labs located on a single site, on multiple sites, and across the globe. The software ensures consistency and accuracy of your records to help you meet your data integrity requirements. OpenLab ECM provides a single point of access to data generated from instruments, data systems, and other lab software
  5. Dokumentenmanagement ist eine der Königsdisziplinen in der Unternehmensorganisation. Was muss ein DMS leisten und warum ist es für die Open-Source-Community eine Herausforderung der besonderen.
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Of course, if you have background with Linux it will be easy, but, strong background with Operational Systems and Database as well, it is not a pre-requisite to be a Basis guy. I buit this little and simple manual to help you to install SAP Content Server (called by the old school as SAP DMS ) and turn your life more simple and easy Unique Content für erfolgreiche Webprojekte! Texte schreiben lassen von tausenden Autoren: Web Texten, SEO Texten, Produktbeschreibungen, Blogbeiträge u.v.m Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Read verified web content management system (WCM) software reviews from the IT community Ist ein Content Management System erst einmal im Betrieb, kann es sehr aufwändig und teuer werden, es zu ersetzen oder umprogrammieren zu lassen. Recht gute Sicherheit bieten branchenspezifische Lösungen, die schon einen großen Teil der möglichen Anforderungen der Touristik in der Praxis abdecken. Zu den Anforderungen zählt auch die Skalierbarkeit. Wir haben es wiederholt erlebt, dass. Aufgabe des Management Reportings ist es, die Entscheidungsfindung im Management zu unterstützen und ergebnisverbessernde Maßnahmen zu initiieren. Bei der Bewertung des Reportings spielt der Umfang der Diskussion zwischen Management und Controlling eine wesentliche Rolle. Management Reporting: Ziel und Inhalt Ziel.

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Die Webkonferenz-Software von Cisco ist eine der umfassendsten und am weitesten ausgereiftesten Fernwartungssoftware auf dem Markt. Besonders für Webinare geeignet sind die umfangreichen Präsentationsmethoden, die dem Dozenten zur Verfügung stehen: Neben dem Videobild kann zwischen Whiteboard, Dokumenten und Screen-Sharing fließend gewechselt werden Dabei greifen verschiedene Software-Lösungen ineinander. Zentrale Elemente hierfür sind Archivierungs-, Out- und Input-Management- sowie Web-Content-Managementsysteme, aber auch ein Dokumentenmanagementsystem. DMS ist also eine Software, die Teil einer jeden ECM-Lösung ist. Dokumentenmanagementsysteme werden aber auch vielfach eigenständig eingesetzt, um Unternehmensdokumente digital zu. An Introduction to Content Management Systems. Many people still think of WordPress as a blogging platform. There's a kernel of truth in this, as WordPress once started as a continuation of the b2 platform, which was developed with blogging in mind.However, if you're a keen WordPress user, you'll understand that the platform has now evolved into a full-fledged Content Management System. Le soluzioni software di System srl si sono evolute ed ottimizzate negli anni. Dal primo collegamento web di Livorno, fino alla sfida della sicurezza: oggi, la nostra esperienza in programmi gestionali, IT Security e reti, è l'alleato giusto per il successo del vostro lavoro! Scopri la storia di System. Dicono di Noi . XP Marketing srl Sara Ferrari Manager. La mia società si occupa di web. Create engaging eLearning, customize interactivity, manage content, collaborate with your team, and publish for any LMS/LXP all from Knowbly's easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Teams or individuals can rapidly build mobile-responsive interactive courses, quizzes, and activities. All content is stored in a centralized content manager. Users can create custom themes, configure dozens of reusable.

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Operating System?_Language. Mein Betriebssystem und meine Hardware anzeigen, damit ich die richtigen Treiber auswählen kann. Aktuellste Alle. Treiber. Dokumente. BIOS/Firmware. Patch. Anwendung. O.S. Kategorie Hersteller Beschreibung Version Grösse Datum No results. Dieser Service ist derzeit nicht verfügbar, versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. Entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten. Navi Content Manager ist eine Shareware-Software aus der Kategorie Diverses, die von Harman Becker Automotive Systems entwickelt wird. Die neueste Version ist derzeit unbekannt. Die erste Version wurde unserer Datenbank am 29.10.2009 hinzugefügt. Navi Content Manager läuft auf folgenden Betriebssystemen: Windows Unlike TYPO3 or Joomla!, which are pure-play web content management systems (CMS); or WordPress, which is often used as blog software, Drupal follows the approach of combining simple web content management with social community software. In addition to the basic features of a web CMS, Drupal places a strong focus on providing an extensive set of social community tools. These include, among. NetContent- Das Online Redaktionssystem für Content Management der jüngsten Generation. NetContent bietet Ihnen die praxiserprobte Komplett-Lösung zur Verwaltung und Integration redaktioneller Inhalte

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